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Friends and Family Group Visits


Save over 35% on tickets

  • For groups of friends & family who get together to visit
  • Access to all public exhibits & Interactive Touchpool
  • Outside food & drinks not permitted
  • Aquarium and Gift Shop are cash-less and only accept credit card payments
Sealife Schools Touchpool Group | SEA LIFE Aquarium

Groups of 10+

Inspirational for all, SEA LIFE Aquarium offers groups of 10+ guests the opportunity to explore the creatures that live in our lakes, rivers, and oceans through interactive, hands-on experiences.

We offer discounted rates for organized groups, along with:

  • Discounted group rates
  • Self-guided resources 
  • Interactive touchpool experience

Sealife Schools Programs Activitypacks | SEA LIFE Aquarium

Self-Guided Resources

Download and print one of our FREE Activity Packs for each of the children in your group. They contain fun ideas and activities to complete during your visit to ensure you make the most out of your trip! 

  • Activity Packs are suitable for ages 6-14 years old
  • Before and during visit activities
  • Word searches & games
  • Creature profiles & fun facts

Free Downloads: Activity Packs

Sea Turtle | SEA LIFE Michigan Aquarium

Activity Pack

children 6-8 years old


Bonnethead Shark | SEA LIFE Aquarium

Activity Pack

children 9-11 years old


Cow Nosed Ray | SEA LIFE Aquarium

Activity Pack

children 12-14 years old


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Sea Life Aquarium Coral Header | SEA LIFE Aquarium

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