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SEA LIFE Michigan Aquarium offers an interactive, hands-on visit for homeschoolers and two ways to save: group field trips and Homeschool Week! In addition to our amazing sea creatures, we provide educational talks, feeding demonstrations and the opportunity to touch shrimp, crabs, sea stars and more at the Touchpool Experience! Plus, download and print off our FREE educational resources for an extra educational component! Book a group of 10+ students today and save up to $10.50 per person!

To book a Homeschool Group of 10+ students, call 248-409-6008 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm) or use the online booking form below.

 K-5th Grade Pricing Door Price Homeschool Group Price Free Chaperone Tickets
Workshop + Admission Must be pre-booked $10.00 1 per 5 students
Admission Only Must be pre-booked $8.00 1 per 5 students
Additional Teachers/Chaperones Must be pre-booked $10.00 N/A


 6-12th Grade Pricing Door Price Homeschool Group Price Free Chaperone Tickets
Workshop + Admission Must be pre-booked $11.00 1 per 10 students
Admission Only Must be pre-booked $9.00 1 per 10 students
Additional Teachers/Chaperones Must be pre-booked $10.00 N/A


Please note: Homeschool group trip bookings must be paid in full at least 2 weeks prior to visit date. Tickets are non-refundable, non-transferable and we are unable to provide complimentary tickets for individuals who do not attend the group trip.

  • Our workshops are designed to meet Next Generation Science Standards (learn more)
  • Add a workshop to your Homeschool Group trip for as low as $2 more per student


Little Creatures Workshop (PreK)
Students will learn about creatures that live in our ocean and here at SEA LIFE through story time, song and dance. This workshop also contains free play stations including shapes, letters and sensory activities. Suitable for Preschool. Approximately 30 minutes.

Meet the Creatures BINGO Workshop (K-2nd)
Students will learn about habitats, animal movements and the clever adaptations of creatures found at SEA LIFE. This workshop also covers ocean conservation and how students can make a difference here in Michigan. Suitable for K-2nd grade. Approximately 30 minutes.

Shark Snacks Workshop (3-5th)
Students will examine the unique characteristics of sharks including their diet, jaw structure and how they process information. This workshop also covers the important part sharks play in our ecosystem and why we need to protect them. Suitable for 3rd-5th grade. Approximately 30 minutes.

Squid Dissection (5-12th)
Students will investigate the anatomy and adaptations of squid through a hands on dissection.  They also will explore the classification of squid and some of their relatives. Suitable for 5-12th grade. 45-60 minutes. Please note: Due to the importance of the safety of our guests, any participants of a dissection who are not following directions may not be allowed to continue.

Water Resources & Biodiversity Workshop (6-8th)
Students will examine all the ways water is used and the unique survival skills of animals dealing with limited resources. This workshop will also focus on water conservation, biodiversity and how we can help. Suitable for 6-8th grade. 45-60 minutes.

Individual homeschoolers and their immediate family members can visit during our special Homeschool Weeks and save up to $13.50 per person!

Homeschool Week Dates:

  • September 17-21, 2018 (Junior Aquarist)
  • November 12-16, 2018 (All Kids of Fish)


  Door Price Homeschool Week Price Savings
Student (PreK-12th Grade) $18.50 $10.00 $8.50
Adult $23.50 $10.00 $13.50


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  • Complimentary educational workshops (times & topics vary, limited availability)
  • Educational stations throughout the aquarium
  • Touch a crab, sea star, urchin and other rockpool creatures in the Interactive Touchpool
  • Admire over 20 exhibits, 5,000 sea creatures and 250 species in an immersive setting
  • Encounter a vast array of creatures including sharks, rays, green sea turtles and more
  • Learn how you can make the oceans a better place through our conservation program
  • Gaze at creatures swimming overhead in our 180-degree ocean tunnel
  • Attend our educational talks & feeding demonstrations

Phone: 248-409-6008 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm)



FREE Educational Resources

Download these FREE Educator Notes and Student Exploration Sheets. They include great educational activities to supplement your visit to SEA LIFE Michigan. Print one for each of your students to complete as they walk through the aquarium!

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Amazing Oceans: PreK-K

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