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3 Simple Team Building Activity Ideas

  • Tuesday 30th October 2018
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Amazing Race

A business is likely to thrive and be more successful if it has employees who are happy and work well together, so spending time and money on team building activities is a very worthy investment indeed. Here are just a few benefits you can achieve with taking part in team building activities:

  • Helps to build a collaborative and more motivated work culture
  • Encourages agile problem solving and decision making
  • Builds relationships as employees come to know each other's personalities
  • Helps with creative and out-of-the-box thinking
  • Boosts morale and helps with employee retention

 Looking for some ideas? We have put together three simple team building activity ideas your team will love!


Dog, Rice, Chicken

Skills Required: lateral thinking and planning

Encourages: creative problem solving

In this game one person plays the role of the farmer and the other team members are the villagers. The farmer has bought a dog, some rice and a chicken and he needs to get them across a river in order to get home. His dilemma is that he can only carry one item in the boat with him at a time. However, he cannot leave the dog alone with the chicken because the dog will eat the chicken and he cannot leave the chicken alone with the rice because the chicken will eat the rice. The team of villagers must help him come up with a solution and, if there are multiples teams, the winner is the team who makes the least amount of trips across the river or solves it in the fastest time.


The Mine Field

Skills Required: communication

Encourages: trust within a group

Start by marking out an enclosed area with tape or string. Then, place several small objects randomly within the marked out area, as well as some sheets of paper that act as the “mines”. Divide the group into teams of two where one person from each team will be blindfolded and the other one is the instructor. The instructor has to direct the blindfolded person across the enclosed area, with the aim of collecting all the objects while avoiding the mines. You can make it more difficult by creating a specific route the blindfolded person must walk or have certain words that cannot be used when guiding them.


Goodie Bag Skits

Skills Required: planning, lateral thinking

Encourages: teammate collaboration and confidence building

This one is not only entertaining, it also lends itself well to larger groups as teams can be made up of many people. Each team is given a goodie bag containing several random items and given 5-10 minutes to prepare a 3 minute long skit. Topics can be chosen by teams on the day or can be prepared ahead of time. The performing team is judged by the other teams or someone impartial who isn’t taking part, by their creative use of the item within the skit.


Team building activities provide an opportunity for your team to have time away from the norm to recharge and refresh the mind. While the activities alone are great for this, they work even better outside of the everyday workspace. SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium has some of the city’s most spectacular corporate event spaces for hire with incredible, creativity-inspiring, living backdrops. Some of the crowd favourite spaces are Dugong Island and our Day & Night Reef exhibit that allows you to experience the Great Barrier Reef from within Sydney's CBD.

Not only will your staff be blown away by a beautiful and unique venue for team building, you can also provide them with full access to the aquarium afterwards. They can spend the rest of the afternoon exploring our beautiful underwater world and return to work the next day feeling ready to tackle whatever comes their way. Find out about SEA LIFE Sydney events below.