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Annual Stocktake

  • Thursday 17th January 2013

Today, we commenced the incredibly meticulous task of conducting the annual stocktake of all our aquatic residents.


In this, each and every resident of SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium will be checked off and accounted for this January and it is predicted aquarists will be counting up to 13,000 marine life residents from 700 different species; the attraction playing host to the largest collection of Australian aquatic life in the world. 


The aquarists kicked off proceedings today by diving into the world's largest Great Barrier Reef tank with clipboards, waterproof pens and a calculator which they will use to count up to 1,500 rays, sharks, turtles and other tropical-dwelling species that live inside the Great Barrier Reef exhibit, before moving on to the rest of the aquarium. They certainly have their work cut out for them!



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