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Beat the Heat

  • Friday 30th December 2016

We’re only one month into summer and it’s been a scorcher of a season so far in Sydney seeing temperatures rise up to 40 degrees Celsius. While some may be inclined to embrace the heatwave by enjoying some fun in the sun, for others, especially with those young children, sweat and sunburns aren’t so appealing.

How to beat the heat this summer holidays while not compromising on fun?

Splash into SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium!

Wave goodbye to the heat and hello to our King and Gentoo penguins at Sydney’s cooooolest animal experience - Penguin Expedition!

This world-first penguin experience with a ride (yes ride!) will have guests hop on board a discovery raft and travel through a sub-Antarctic environment inspired by Macquarie Island at an oh-so-cool 6 degrees Celsius! Who wouldn’t like that that on a hot summer day?


Then, waddle along to the large viewing windows surrounding the experience to the pop up bubble for an up close encounter with these intelligent birds.

Looking for more fun?

Roll your sleeves up at Discovery Rockpool!

Kids (and adults too) can dip their hands into the living touchpool for an interactive meet and greet with creatures including our precious seas stars and slimy sea cucumbers. Learn all the rockpooling hot spots along the NSW coast and the safe handling of sea creatures in the wild!


While it may be tempting to bask in the summer sun, we suggest splashing into the aquarium for a cool family fun visit.