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Breed Rescue Protect Snapshot 2015

  • Tuesday 9th February 2016

All SEA LIFE Centres around the world are committed to marine conservation projects through our BREED, RESCUE, PROTECT initiatives. Here is a snapshot of our global success in 2015"


  • In 2015, SEA LIFE successfully bred 5,878 animals as part of coordinated breeding programs. These animals will help maintain genetic diversity for the future.


  • In total, 402 animals were rescued by SEA LIFE centres worldwide in 2015, including 194 injured seals and turtles.


  • 133 turtles and seals were rehabilitated and released back into the wild in 2015. Not all animals rescued are able to be released, depending on their injuries and circumstances. A total of 171 animals we released.

2016 Plans: Protect

In 2016 the SEA LIFE Trust's focus is increasing marine habitats so more ocean is protected for future generations.

Photo: Shelley the sea turtle was rescued and rehabilitated at Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary before being released spring 2015. Photo by marine biologist Ben Wynand.