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Business Clean-Up Australia Day

  • Tuesday 28th February 2012

Kids Watch The Nurse Shark Swim By In Day And Night On The Reef Exhbiit

Ian Kiernan, founder of Clean Up Australia Day, joined us for Business Clean Up Australia Day, where staff from Sydney Aquarium hopped aboard the Sydney Aquarium boat, together with staff from the Sydney Aquarium Conservation Fund (SACF).

During the clean up, our team of staff volunteers hauled 4 bags of rubbish from Darling Harbour, containing carpet, old boots, plastic bottles and cans, amongst other items.

Sydney Aquarium staff partake in weekly harbour clean ups in the waters around the attraction, routinely disposing of rubbish in the form of plastic bottles, plastic bags, straws, bottle tops, chip packets, coffee lids, cans and cigarette butts.

This rubbish harms our marine wildlife in many ways, including entanglement or ingestion of plastic debris.

Turtles in particular often die from malnutrition as their stomach clogs with plastic, leaving them unable to gain nutrients and they also can't pass the plastic. Many suffocate after swallowing the plastic, haven mistaken it for squid or jellyfish, which are staples of their diets.

Take Part in Clean Up Australia Day!

The general public can take part in National Clean Up Australia Day on Sunday April 4. We're holding clean ups at 2 locations in Sydney and Manly, the details of which are below:

1. Sydney Aquarium Community - 4 March

2. Oceanworld Manly Community - 4 March

Pictured (left to right): Claudette Rechtorik - SACF Campaign Manager; Ian Kiernan AO - Chairman, Clean Up Australia Day; Dylan Cosgrave - Guest Experience Manager, Sydney Aquarium.

The Sydney Aquarium Conservation Fund (SACF) is a not-for-profit ogranisation dedicated to protecting our marine and aquatic animals and their habitats. You can support their efforts by adopting an animal for just $50. 100% of adoption fees go directly projects run or supported by SACF.