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Children Lead the Way into the Future

  • Tuesday 4th March 2014

In an Australian first and to celebrate School Clean Up Day, all five high schools within Sydney's 2193 postcode have installed new water refill stations on their grounds in an effort to reduce their plastic footprint.

With the help of the SEA LIFE Conservation Fund, the five schools - Canterbury Public, Canterbury South Public, Ashbury Public, Canterbury Girls High and Canterbury Boys High - have been working towards the elimination of plastic water bottle use with the installed water stations and the removal of single use water bottles from canteens and vending machines.

Say No to Single Use Plastic Bottles!

SEA LIFE Conservation Fund Manager Claudette Rechtorik said of the initiative, "Students and staff from these schools in postcode 2193 are fantastic role models for taking small actions to make a big difference for the Australian marine environment and wildlife. An easy solution to reduce our plastic footprint is choosing to reuse, as well as drinking Sydney water for free, and that's what these schools are doing".

So if you want to follow the lead of these brave children or would like to learn more about the SEA LIFE Conservation Fund and their various initiatives, then follow the link below and help lead Australia into a greener future.

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