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Cleaning is a Big Job

  • Friday 15th November 2013

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We regularly get asked how we keep our tanks so clean and clear. Well it's a big job!

If you have a pet fish at home, you'll know that every couple of weeks you have to empty out half the tank and refill it with treated water and use a magnetic glass cleaner to clean the glass so you can see through it clearly...

As you can imagine it isn't that simple with our tanks especially our oceanariums, and with so many animals we need to keep our tanks in top condition. This means every week our amazing Aquarists get into the tanks and clean the glass from the inside with cloths, brushes and even plastic cards like the ones credit cards are made of.

Oour Innovative Aquarists!

Not only does the glass need cleaning but so does the gravel and sand. To do this we use a Siphon cleaner it's a bit like a vacuum cleaner but under water. The photo on the right is what we use to clean the gravel and sand in our tanks - a great example of the innovative way our Aquarists recycle and reuse items around SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium!

If you're lucky you'll even spot our Aquarists in the tanks cleaning away! Make sure you take a photo and post it on our Facebook page.

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