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The littlest and boldest new arrivals

  • Saturday 6th August 2022
  • Fish, Exhibits

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Our unique and vibrant NEW arrivals 

Ever imagined what amazing creatures can be found living amongst the wreckage of a sunken ship? This August, dive in to SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium and wander through our very own sunken ship, and prepare to meet an array of dazzling new creatures that arrived last month.

Encounter our adorable Globefish, from our smallest little guy to our “teenagers”, these Pufferfish have huge eyes that will melt your heart. However, when threatened they will puff out with water and raise their spines. So, watch your step in calling them “cute”.

As you explore further into the wreck, a splash of colour will grab your attention as you discover the Ornate Cowfish. Brightly coloured, and covered in fine lines and patterns, originating from cooler water down south. The females are brown and gold whilst the males are vivid shades of orange, yellow, blue and gold - the bright colours of the males are to attract the females.

Keep your eyes peeled as this next creature is a little shy; it’s our Crested Weedfish. This elusive species is usually hidden amongst the seaweed. Its colouring is variable dependent on the environment in which it lives. Try and see if you can spot him amongst the reeds?

Lastly, we have our smallest arrivals, the juvenile Pygmy Leatherjacket's. These little ones are not the strongest of swimmers; with small pectoral fins, they will hide in the sea grass and kelp beds to hide from predators. 

Come on down to meet our newest creatures who are making a splash. Located in our shipwreck zone, you won't want to miss out. 

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