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Diamonds Are a Fish’s Best Friend

  • Monday 13th January 2014

Diamond Trevally

They always say the prettiest ones are the most dangerous, and as it is with humans so it is with fish. The Diamond Trevally is renowned for their shiny exterior and the dazzling tentacles that trail in their wake as they glide effortlessly through the water. However these mesmerising tentacles serve a purpose other than deciding the Prettiest Fish Award, they also stop the Diamond Trevally from being eaten!

Although it does seem like such an attractive feature would naturally draw other creatures to the Diamond Trevally, the long tentacles also ensure that most potential predators mistake the pretty fish for a dangerous octopus. For this reason, it is generally the younger Diamond Trevallies that have the longer tentacles, as they require the added protection whilst they grow to a size big enough to defend themselves against those who view them as their next meal.

Pretty and Dangerous!

So come visit SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium this summer and marvel at our school of Diamond Trevally - for both their beauty and their survival insticts!

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