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Make a splash at the new Discovery Kids Rockpool!

  • Tuesday 4th October 2016


Featuring a bright new seaside backdrop, colourful visual signs, and best of all an engaging map highlighting the top places to go rockpooling in NSW - learning has never been so fun! 

This brand new interactive space allows you to see, touch and learn about the marine creatures commonly found in rockpools.

Touch the spiral edges of Port Jackson Shark eggs, stroke the bumpy skin of precious sea stars and feel the spongy texture of the sea cucumber.

Kids and adults alike can also watch the resident coral-banded shrimp scuttling through the water on the Discovery Kids TV through a special underwater camera! 

SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium aims to educate children at the Discovery Kids Rockpool, the importance of handling sea animals with care as well as approaching unknown animals with caution.


Visit the Discovery Kids Rockpool on our official launch day - Thursday, 6th October 2016 to receive a pair of limited edition 'RockSeaStar' glasses!