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Happy 10th Birthday Nemo!

  • Thursday 30th May 2013


Can you believe it - 10 years ago today Walt Disney’s Pixar productions released Finding Nemo in the US cinema’s! Not only did Finding Nemo win an Academy Award for best Animated Feature it was also the second highest-grossing film for all of 2003.

Amy Wilkes our Aquarist who is looking after our precious little babies tells us “The creators of Finding Nemo did a fantastic job inventing Dory’s personality! To me it seems Blue Tangs are just like her - ‘Just keep swimming, just keep swimming’...”.

And here are some interesting facts that we didn’t learn from the film:

  • Clownfish are all born male and live in groups within their anemone. The most dominant/largest animal is the “boss”, and is a female. If something happens to the head female, the next male in line will undergo a sex change to fill her place, and everyone moves up a rung in the hierarchy!
  • Clownfish are symbiotic with their anemones and different species of clownfish prefer particular types of anemones. The Clownfish have a safe home to hide in and, in return, the Clownfish are messy eaters and often bring food to the anemones.
  • Unlike other fish, Clownfish are able to withstand the sting of the anemones tentacles by producing a mucous coating over their body which protects them and mimics the chemical signature of the anemone.

Here at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, our Clownfish and Blue Tangs are still babies and need lots of small regular feeds. These little guys are only about 2cm long but when they are adults our Clownfish will grow to be about 5cm and the Blue Tang will be about 10-15cm long.

Come on down to SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium and see our adorable babies on display in the Sydney Harbour and Rocky Shores area - before they grow up before our very eyes...

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