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Happy Seaweek

  • Thursday 28th February 2013

Happy Seaweek!

2-10 March, 2013 is Seaweek and SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium and SEA LIFE Conservation Fund is getting on board!

The theme for Seaweek 2013 is Sustainable Seas and over the next week, you can come to SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium's Dugong Island to make your 'Sustainable Seas Pledge' and tell us what you're going to do in 2013 to help our oceans!

To help you along we have some suggestions. You could:


  • Choose Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified seafood for 2013;Make sure your canned tuna is Pole & Line caught only, to reduce by-catch;
  • Reduce single use plastic - millions of plastic bags, cups, bottles, straws and packaging get thrown into landfill EACH day. You'll see lots of plastic rubbish lying around which all ends up in our oceans, choking our marine life - and it NEVER goes away;
  • Turn off your electrical devices when not in use - less coal fired energy means less CO2 which means less ocean acidification;
  • Say NO to plastic bottled water - get a reusable water bottle and fill it up for free! It's cheap and delicious and reduces plastic waste in our landfills and waterways.

Or you can choose your own!  

What are you going to do?