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Japanese Spider Crabs

  • Tuesday 17th January 2012

Unfortunately SEA LIFE Sydney no longer has spider crabs, however we have hundreds of other species! Explore them all now


Our largest resident Japanese Spider Crab - also known as the Crabzilla of the Sea - just got measured for the first time since arriving at Sydney Aquarium three months ago to star in the new exhibit, CLAWS.

The measuring session was undertaken by senior aquarists to ensure the giant crab - who we affectionately call Sake - is settling in well and growing at a healthy rate - and the results were Claw-some!

With a leg span of 1.5 meters, the crab has grown 15cm since his arrival, which is even more than the full size of its crustacean neighbour in the CLAWS exhibit, the Red Bait Crab. 

And as Sake is still just a teenager, we expect him to grow even bigger to reach his full potential size of four metres! So make sure you bring the family to see him these school holidays - before he's big enough to eat small children!

And remember, we welcomed 4 incredible new Smalltooth Sawfish at Sydney Aquarium these school holidays, and together with the Japanese Spider Crabs they form SAWS and CLAWS - an awesome joint-creature feature.



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