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July School Holidays

  • Friday 22nd June 2012

The brand new exhibit - the Tropical Bay of Rays - has finally been unveiled! This is the first of fourteen new exhibits set to re-open as part of our massive refurbishment programme which will see the attraction become SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium in September!


This completely new area offers an up-close glimpse into the lives of the graceful marine creatures who will reside in the bay, surrounded by tropical palms, a pink illuminated sunset scene and a visual landscape which will take visitors to a tropical haven in the heart of the city.


A variety of ray species call the new Bay of Rays home, many of which are making their debut appearance at the attraction.  It will be difficult to miss the electric blue spots of the Fantail Rays and the Blue-spotted Maskray, and with other species including the spectacular Leopard Shark, White-spotted Guitarfish and a Leopard Whipray, the new tropical oasis will be a sight not to be missed!


New Shipwreck Exhibit

And, just in time for School Holidays, we'll be opening our new Shipwreck exhibit - set in a beached shipwreck environment, kids will be able to peep at tropical fish and amazing coral through slated timber portholes, whilst looking out to shore and watching the playful behaviour of the Little Penguins.


Unfortunately however, it seems there were some stowaways in the new Shipwreck exhibit and it looks like Sydney Aquarium will be overrun by pirates these school holidays! Pirate Pollution, the most dastardly and messy pirate of the seven seas, has sworn to litter his trash and treasure all over Sydney Aquarium! We'll need you to help Captain Cleanbeard find it so he can do what he does best - clean it - and you'll be rewarded with some treasure yourself!


The Tropical Bay of Rays is now open. Pirates descend on Sydney Aquarium from 2 July.



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