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Bye-bye bachelorette life, hello motherhood!

  • Wednesday 9th December 2020
  • Penguins, school holidays

Little Penguin Chick Preps For Weighing

There was no wasting time for Little Penguin bachelorette Mushroom, who successfully laid and hatched two chicks less than six months after arriving at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium and just in time for the summer holidays.

Mushroom and two other single birds (P Diddy and Ki Ki) were dubbed ‘the Bachelorettes’ when they moved into the aquarium in July this year, to meet, socialise and as nature would have it, mate with residents of the iconic Australian Darling Harbour colony.

It wasn’t too long after arriving that the Mushroom waddled into bachelor Vesty who webbed her in with a thrusted belly and powerful braying call. Both new to courtship, they followed their instincts in picking a nest box, dancing in circles and eventually hatching not one, but two chicks –­ the only two Little Penguin chicks for the season.

“As a first-time mum, Mushroom is doing really well,” said Luke Fuller, SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium Aquarist. “Obviously it’s a huge responsibility to suddenly have two chicks to look after but thankfully Vesty, the father, has helped share the responsibility quite a bit and the chicks are doing really well.” 

The two new Little Penguin chicks are observed daily and undergo regular health checks by Penguin Carers. The siblings are putting on a healthy amount of weight and are currently sitting at 500 grams and 600 grams. 

Australia’s iconic Little Penguins are generally found along the southern coastlines with the largest colonies residing on Phillip Island. They are the smallest species of penguin only capable of growing up to 43 cm and they have a third eyelid that protects their eyes underwater.

Little Penguins are among the many iconic Australian creatures that be found in the heart of Darling Harbour at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium and its neighbour WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo. Be sure to see and stamp them all off by visiting here and downloading a copy of the Aussie Animal Passport.

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