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Meet the cast!

  • Monday 25th July 2016

You may recognise them from the big screen but here's your chance to meet SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium's resident celebrities!

We invite you to meet the cast…

Regal Blue Tang

The a-dor(y)-able regal blue tang boasts a vivacious royal blue body, vibrant yellow tail and bold bands of black.

Find the regal blue tang at Sydney Harbour!

Clown Anemonefish

Dazzlingly orange with luminous white stripes all over, the clown anemonefish is a joyous little creature that can be found nestled amongst the tentacles of their host sea anemones.

Find the clown anemonefish at the Great Barrier Reef!

Sydney Octopus

With arms for days spanning up to two metres wide, the eight powerful tentacles of the Sydney octopus are lined with suction cups which help them to catch their prey.

Find the Sydney Octopus at South Coast Shipwreck!

White-Spotted Eagle Ray

Dark grey on the upper surface and dressed in pearly white spots with a long whip-like tail, the white-spotted eagle ray flap their fins as they manoeuvre across the ocean, looking super fly.


Find the white-spotted eagle ray soaring across the waters of SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium.

Once you've spotted our ocean (movie) stars, snap a selfie and share them with us on our social media using #sealifesydneyaquarium !