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Meet the Dugongs

  • Thursday 26th September 2013
  • Dugong


If there is one thing to do in Sydney these Spring school holidays, make sure you pop on down to SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium and see our amazing dugongs!

Not only are Pig and Wuru the only dugongs on display in Australia, but they are the only pair on display anywhere in the world.

Dugongs out in the wild graze on seagrass which is protected, so we found the closest match here at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium which just so happens to be Cos Lettuce.


What Do Our Dugongs Eat? Lettuce - lots of lettuce!

Pig and Wuru go through an amazing amount of lettuce - approximately 45kg every day! We do try and mix it up a little but they won’t have any of that 'cause they want Cos all the time. 

As dugongs are used to grazing we have special weighted racks which we thread with the Cos Lettuce then drop into their tank and let them graze at their leisure.

Pig and Wuru aren’t in their oceanarium on their own - we have a range of sharks and rays that also share this area too.

Make sure you come along and say hi to Pig and Wuru these holidays!