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Merry Cricket-mas

  • Friday 7th December 2012

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Our Eastern Water Dragons, who pal around with the platypus in SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium's Platypus Playground, have been given a special early Christmas treat - a shiny silver box full of their favourite treats - delicious crickets!


And if you thought their eating habits were interesting, you should take note of the unusual behaviour they demonstrate when competing amongst themselves for dominance.


Currently, all the Eastern Water Dragons we have on display are females, and without males around to rule the roost, they display a mixture of head bobbing and waving amongst themselves to signify dominance or submission.


Head-bobbing and quick waving in particular is a display of dominance while slow waving indicates submission. Usually this goes on when the girls fight amongst themselves for the best basking spot on the warmest log.


So when you're next in SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium's Platypus Playground zone, look above the surface of the water for our dragons and if you observe closely, you may just see these behaviours being exhibited.  See if you can work out who the dominant female is!



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