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National Recycling Week

  • Monday 9th November 2015

At SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium and SEA LIFE Trust for National Recycling week we're challenging you on 4 regular single use items that we think you can probably remove from your life today:

1. Plastic water bottles

Replace with a stainless steel reusable container and get your water for FREE

2. Plastic bags

Put reusable bags everywhere (your car, your bag) so you have them available when you make that unplanned shopping trip.

3. Take away coffee cups

Are you starting to see those lids everywhere? If you weren't before you will now. Get yourself a Keep Cup to keep in your bag and you may even score a discount on your coffee. Check out Responsible Cafes.

4. Straws

You don't need one of those. That's what your lips are for. Besides they end up in turtles' nostrils and that's really bad.

Once you equip yourself with reusables you'll never look back. And our marine life will love you for it. Happy Recycling Week everyone!

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