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New Habitat Zones!

  • Thursday 5th July 2012

Three brand new habitat zones have just opened here at Sydney Aquarium: Mangroves, Shipwreck and The Tropical Bay of Rays!

Tropical Bay of Rays

Start your journey through these three new areas at the Tropical Bay of Rays - a tropical haven housing a variety of unique species - displayed together for the first time.

As you walk through the exhibit, it will be hard to miss the Leopard Whipray with its leopard-like markings and elongated thin whip tail. Some grow to have a tail 3.5 times longer than their bodies! You'll be mesmerised by the electric blue spots of the Blue-spotted Maskray and the Blue-spotted Fantail Ray as they glide through the exhibit, and astound at the unusual White-spotted Guitarfish with its three fins, white spots and guitar-shaped body.


Then venture through the murky Mangroves - an area which replicates the the dark, atmospheric feel of the of the mangrove swamps of Australia's tropical north - home to frogs, lizards, crustaceans and a vast variety of fish.

Here, you'll discover Australia's second-largest freshwater fish - the Barramundi, and the prehistoric Lungfish and Saratoga, both of whom have ancestors dating back to around 140 million years ago.



Then it's all aboard, for Sydney Aquarium's Shipwreck, to discover the inhabitants of the deep.

Here, set amongst a beached shipwreck environment, you can discover a vast array of animals including those found in Australia's coastal waters like the elegant Weedy Sea Dragons and the odd-looking Pineapple Fish; pillage the depths of the sea to find ferocious-looking, but shy Green Moray eels and the Common Octopus or peep at tropical fish and amazing coral through slatted timber portholes, whilst looking out to shore and watching the playful behaviour of Sydney Aquarium's colony of Little Penguins.


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