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New Penguin Homes

  • Wednesday 18th September 2013

Looking for something to do with the family in Sydney these holidays? Come and check out our newly refurbished nesting boxes for our adorable Little Penguins and interact with our new sound effects wheel where you can hear what our Little Penguins think of their newly renovated houses.


These little guys out in the wild can get impacted by plastic that is carelessly dropped and not disposed of correctly. We asked a local artist from Manly, Rachel Carroll, who is extremely passionate about the importance of looking after our environment to design their new homes.


Rachel did an amazing job of drawing our attention to the dangers of plastics on the beautiful flightless birds and her brightly coloured artwork displays the importance of recycling and reusing plastics extremely well. As Rachel explained  “The artworks focus strongly on the damage that plastic is causing our oceans and marine life.”


The Little Penguins immediately took to the nest boxes, waddling amongst the colourful artwork, with some even scoping out the new homes for potential hubs to nest on their eggs.


Interactive Fun! 

We have also installed other interactions in the penguin zone including a ‘making waves’ interaction for the penguins. All you need to do is wait for the bucket to fill on the screen then pull the rope and a wave comes crashing through the water while  the penguins have fun swimming through the white water just like they would out in the wild.


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