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New zones open!

  • Monday 27th August 2012

Sydney Aquarium has opened two brand new zones, Sydney Harbour and Rocky Shores as we build to the launch of SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium in September. Get in now and be the first to preview these spectacular new areas!


Be transported to one of the most iconic harbours in the world - Sydney Harbour - a haven for wildlife and home to many different species. Also known as Port Jackson, Sydney Harbour contains over 500 gigalitres of water within its 317km of coastline. This provides for protected rocky reefs, seagrass beds and large intertidal areas that are an important breeding ground for fish, invertebrates and plankton. With over 600 species of fish inhabiting its depths, the harbour is a vital link in the ecology of the coastline.


Here, amongst the stilted piers and platform decks of Sydney Aquarium's Harbour habitat, you'll discover many many of the fish and invertebrates one might see while snorkelling or diving in this beautiful harbour - like the adorable Clownfish, Upside Down Jellyfish and the Port Jackson Shark - and discover Sydney Harbour really is as beautiful below the surface as it is above.


Then travel up the coast to the shoreline to discover the Australian animals that have adapted to deal with wide ranges of physical and environmental factors.  These include wave action, tides, temperature changes and salinity changes in the water. 


Here at Sydney Aquarium's Shoreline exhibit, surrounded by sea views and blue sky, you'll discover some of the amazing animals that call this habitat home, including the fascinating Flashlight Fish, Wobbegongs, Moon Jellyfish and unusual-looking (to say the least!) Estuarine Stonefish (pictured).


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