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Discover some of our Ray species

  • Thursday 13th August 2020
  • Stingrays

Eagle Ray

Here at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium we have 9 unique species of ray! To celebrate National Stingray Day we thought we would pick out a few of our favourites!



1. Smooth Stingray 

The Smooth Stingray is our largest species of ray here at SEA LIFE Sydney and in the whole of Australia! These rays can get up to 4.3 m in length, with their discs at around 2 m in width and weigh up to 350 kg. You can find our adorable smooth ray, Big Mouth, in our shark valley zone. 

2. Ocellated Eagle Rays 

Eagle Rays flap their fins as they manoeuvre across the ocean, and appear to ‘fly’, thus their name. They have plate like teeth that they use to crush they prey such as oysters and sea urchins. Here at SEA LIFE Sydney we have 10 eagle, 7 adults and 3 little babies! You can find these majestic creatures in our Dugong Island zone right next to the famous Pig the Dugong!

3. Sawfish 

Sawfish, as their name states, have a long saw-like extension called a rostrum. Sawfish use their rostrum to find prey as their eyesight is poor. They are part of the ray family, and can grow to over 6 metres in length! Here at SEA LIFE Sydney we have 2 sawfish, Rodger and Ryobi who both live in our Day and Night on the Reef zone. 

4. Common Stingaree

The common stingaree is one of the smallest species of ray in the world and the smallest ray that calls SEA LIFE Sydney home! In the wild these rays can be found from Queensland to southern New South Wales in shallow coastal estuaries and reefs. Here at SEA LIFE Sydney you can spot our stingarees hiding in the sand on the floor of our Shark Valley zone. 

5. Bowmouth Guitarfish

The Bowmouth Guitarfish, also commonly called the shark ray is actually a ray, not a shark! This ray has large thorns on the bony ridges of its head and a stumpy looking body. Head to our Day and Night on the Reef zone to spot our beautiful bowmouth!