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Plastic Bottles Wanted

  • Thursday 10th January 2013

SEA LIFE Conservation Fund and SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium are currently collecting plastic drink bottles in order to build a plastic bottle boat. The boat will be raced in the upcoming Bridge to Beach event on 24th February, and will be used to highlight the impact of plastic bottles that end up in our harbour.

Around the parks and beaches here in Sydney there are hundreds of discarded empty plastic bottles. In Australia alone, it's estimated that almost 13 billion drinks are consumed in containers, and less than half of these are recycled!

The government will be making a decision about a National Container Deposit Scheme in April this year. This will be an initiative like that in South Australia, where there is a 10c refund on bottles. This should significantly reduce the plastic bottles that are found polluting our harbour, and local environment.

We are calling on the public to help us raise awareness and support for the National Container Deposit Scheme by helping us to build our boats! Bring your empty plastic bottles to SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium on your next visit.

To find out more about the National Container Deposit Scheme contact the SEA LIFE Conservation Fund at