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Shark Mission is Coming...

  • Friday 15th November 2013

There is probably no more misunderstood creature in nature than the shark. Demonised since Jaws, revered since Shark Week, their reputation as man-eating predators that prowl the seas searching for human flesh is one built out of myths and misinformation. However an attempt to shatter this illusion is underway at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium as this summer we launch our latest campaign, Shark Mission.

Designed to challenge your fears and knowledge of the plight of the majestic shark, the aquarium are showcasing both the animal's sheer power and the conservation efforts that are necessary to save these critically endangered species. Guests will witness huge real life Lemon and Grey Nurse Sharks in the new Shark Valley tunnels and be able to put their courage to the test by touching real shark jaws, eggs and much more in the interactive discovery area.

Get Closer Than Ever!

Furthermore, shark-lovers and novices alike are invited to join in the fun, with giant interactive touch screens displaying everything from shark tracking to their curious anatomy. This hands-on experience, coupled with the interactive quiz trail specifically designed to educate and entertain the kids, ensures that not only will guests be entertained this summer, they will leave knowing far more about shark habitats, behaviours and conservation.

So this summer, take the challenge of Shark Mission and don't dare miss out on the exhilarating thrills arriving at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium!

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