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Spook-tacular Sea Creatures

  • Monday 31st October 2016
  • Halloween

Grey Nurse Sharks (5)

The scary season is upon us so HAPPY HALLOWEEN! To celebrate the fear factor of Halloween, we would like to introduce four of SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium’s scariest sea creatures.

Green Moray Eel

Found poking its head out of a pipe in South Coast Shipwreck, the Green Moray eel appears menacing with its gaping mouth opening and closing. In fact, the Green Moray eel opens its mouth and closes it in this fashion to maintain a consistent respiratory flow as its small gills cannot facilitate respiration alone.


Grey Nurse shark

Gliding through the waters of Shark Valley, our shiver of Grey Nurse sharks can really scare the living daylights out of you with their incredible jaws and sharp teeth! But did you know? The Grey Nurse shark does not actually pose a threat to humans and prey on smaller marine creatures. Instead of tearing at prey, they swallow their food whole.  


Estuarine Stonefish

Camouflaged within the tropical reefs of the Great Barrier Reef, the Estuarine Stonefish holds the title of the most venomous fish on the planet. Lying motionless until some innocent prey swims by, the Estuarine Stonefish will move at lightning speed to capture its food. Talk about suspenseful scary movie!


Blood Shrimp

Scurrying about in Sydney Harbour, the Blood Red Fire shrimp is not as gruesome or scary as its namesake. Its other name, the Scarlet Cleaner shrimp more accurately describes its behaviour. As a cleaner shrimp, it loves to nibble and clean the coral it hangs around. In the wild, this shrimp would use its antennae to signal to fish that it’s available to clean. It sounds more like a scary story your mum might spin! 


You can easily be tricked into thinking these creatures are scary with their fearsome appearances and dangerous reputations, but we hope you will find them a treat when you see them for yourself! Swim into SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium with the whole family for a day of thrills and excitement this Halloween.