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Swim for Sharks

  • Friday 11th April 2014
  • Sharks


On Sunday a team of SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium staff will be swimming 1 km in support of sharks to raise awareness of the issue of shark nets and the threats to marine conservation.

By participating in the race, the SEA LIFE team aim to draw people's attention to the issue of shark nets and to get the public thinking about the threats to sea creatures.

Claudette Rechtorik, Manager of the SEA LIFE Conservation Fund, said the NSW Shark Messing Program was not in the best interests of marine conservation or swimmer safety as the nets do not act as a complete barrier to sharks reaching beaches.

She also said "There are alternatives to using shark nets including shark shields which send off electrical pulses to repel sharks. Unfortunately the shark control programs based on beach meshing and drum lines also report high numbers of non-target species being caught and killed, including whales, turtles, dugongs, dolphins and non-target sharks."

The team are raising money for the next step in their campaign against the drum line in WA.

Help us make a difference by helping us raise money for this cause.

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