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Sydney Aquarium Aquarist Spotlight

  • Monday 29th August 2011


CLAWS expert Ben Brewer will be taking care of the clawed critters when the exhibit launches on 5 September, so we decided to put him under the spotlight...


Q1. What's a typical day in the CLAWS exhibit going to be like for you?


A1: Once the animals are all settled in, things should fall into a routine centered around their daily needs... mainly feeding them and cleaning up after them; making sure the conditions are just right and they are comfortable. Basically, we'll be running a complete 5 star bed and breakfast for these critters.


Q2. What special skills do you need to work with crabs?


A2: With some of the crabs we have here you need patience, especially with the cold water animals, as they move very slowly. Everything takes a long time with these guys. On the other hand with some of our other clawed residents you need to have quick reflexes as they are fast and snappy. You also need to be able to identify the types of behaviour they tend to exhibit which could indicate that they have a need that requires our attention.


Q3. What is your favourite crab so far and why?


A3: I would have to say "Bruce" the Giant Tasmanian Crab has to be my favourite at the moment. He is just such an impressive crab. He's really large, about 40cm wide and has one formidable looking claw.


To find out more about the awesome new CLAWS exhibit, go to the CLAWS page.



Got a question?


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