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The Fairy and the Shark

  • Tuesday 17th December 2013

At SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium we often wondered what happened to our shark's teeth as they grew up. It wouldn't matter how much time our aquarists spent looking for shark's teeth amongst the sandy floors of our tanks - they would always turn up empty handed.

However on a regular Monday morning in the middle of December, our questions were answered when our aquarists were able to take some early snaps of a visitor to the Shark Valley tanks. The arrival of the Tooth Fairy not only explained where all the missing shark teeth were but also shed some light on why our sharks were sporting such wide grins of late!

See Shark's Teeth Up Close!

Whilst our aquarists are relieved to know the shark's teeth are taken care of by a professional, the presence of the Tooth Fairy has raised as many questions as he answered. For instance, how much does the Tooth Fairy pay for shark's teeth? What do sharks spend their money on? And most importantly, how do we get in on this lucrative scheme?

If, like us, you cannot bear to go another day without knowing the answers to these questions - we invite you to come to SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium this summer and enjoy Shark Mission - an interactive experience that will challenge your fears and knowledge about the world's most misunderstood predator - and maybe you will find out what they do with their Tooth Fairy money!

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