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The World’s Greatest Baby Sitters

  • Friday 7th February 2014

The weekend is a time for relaxation with friends and family, and after a long week of work, stress is the last thing that anyone wants to experience. However as the year kicks into full swing (and the cricket comes to an end) the ideas to keep the kids entertained start to dwindle and you find yourself rewatching the same Pixar films every weekend.

Luckily for you, SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium has two of the greatest babysitters that can be found - either above or below water! Pig and Wuru, our resident dugongs, are polite, responsible and fascinating enough to keep the kids interested for hours on end. On top of everything, Pig and Wuru only eat lettuce - so your children may actually pick up some good habits along the way as well!

Babysitting with a Twist!

So if you want a few hours of peace and quiet (and the chance to stroll amongst the world's largest collection of Australian aquatic life) come down to SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium this weekend. Pig and Wuru can't wait to meet the whole family!

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