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Time for a Change

  • Friday 6th December 2013

There is something magical about the constantly shifting state of nature. The colour of leaves change with the season, the unicorn fish grows its famous horn 12 months into its lifetime and even humans decide to break out in pimples and blemishes when we hit that magical age of 13. Well our Golden Trevallies are no different, and this month we noticed something a little different about them when they swam past our aquarists.

See the fish closer than ever!

Given their name because of their bright golden colour which is exaggerated by deep black stripes, it is entirely possible the Golden Trevally might need to be renamed this coming summer. As they grow older, Golden Trevallies start to lose their black stripes and their famous golden scales start to fade, leaving a pale looking silver fish in its place.

Not unlike the greying of our hair, the brightness of a golden trevally is an indicator of its age, also serving the dual purpose of warning predators to predators that this is a fully grown, mature fish.

So if you want to see our Golden Trevally before they lose their vibrant hue or even if you just want to sit in our peaceful tunnels and commiserate with the now 'Silver' Trevallies about the relentless march of time, there is no better place than SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium.

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