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Top 5 Fun Facts about Coral Reefs

  • Friday 9th July 2021
  • Conservation, Animal Facts

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Coral ecosystems are some of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. There are thousands of species of corals and they come in all different shapes, colours and sizes! We have put together a top list of fun facts about coral reefs so you can become an expert in these colourful habitats

1. Coral reefs are home to thousands of creatures 

Coral ecosystems are home to a wide variety of marine animals and are extremely important in many juvenile stages of life for a wide range of species. They also provide shelter and food for at least 25% of all marine life in the ocean! WOW!

2. They are slow growers

Coral reefs are extremely slow growing. However in the right conditions, they can live for decades to thousands of years! Some deep sea corals have been dated at 4,000 years old.

brain coral

3. Coral is alive! 

A coral is a marine invertebrate - just like bugs on land! It is part of the same family as jellyfish and sea anemones 

4. There are many varieties of corals

There are lots of different types of corals, but they are primarily categorised into 2 groups: soft and hard coral. Some corals branch like horns on a deer while others are soft and flow in the water. 

5. Corals live all over the world

Corals can live in many different places, as there are many different types of corals. Most corals however live within the tropics region (between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn). The perfect temperature for corals is 23 - 29 degree celsius! 


How can you help coral reefs? 

Coral reefs are magnificant ecosystems that we want to continue to thrive throughout the oceans. You can help coral reefs by reducing your carbon footprint.  This includes basic things such as carpooling, taking public transport or riding a bike. 

Help to conserve water to reduce runoff effects on coastal cities, find a reef-friendly sunscreen, and ensure you aren’t leaving rubbish or fishing lines in the ocean. 

Let's all do our part for a happier, healthier ocean!