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Shark Valley Talk & Feed

Learn more about our Shark Valley creatures

Shark Valley Talks

What teethy creatures live beneath our harbour? Face your fears as you join our Aquarists for a talk & feed. 

Shark Valley Species Talk

Shark Valley Species Talk

Meet Aquarist Em and learn about the species that live in Shark Valley.

Shark Myth Talk

Shark Myth Busting

Sharks are portrayed as scary creatures, but they are actually gentle giants. 

Smooth Ray Talk

Meet Big Mouth the Ray

Get to know our GIANT Smooth Ray, Big Mouth with this creature talk

Meet Rob

Meet Aquarist Rob

Meet our Aquarist Rob and discover his passion & knowledge for sharks

Shark Feed

Watch a Shark Feed

Join Dakota as she takes you through the tunnels in Shark Valley, while the team feed our sharks!