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Weird and wonderful

  • SEA LIFE, Jurassic Seas

Discover some of our species of Cephalopods

Cephalopods are invertebrates that have arms or tentacles attached to their head. The name Cephalopod actually comes from the Greek word meaning 'head-feet'!

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Sydney Octopus

The Common Sydney octopus is a species found along the east coast of Australia. They possess a formidable array of defence mechanisms, ranging from hiding in the first instance, to quick bursts of speed if spotted by a predator, use of ink sacs, camouflage and even self-amputation of their limbs, a process known as autonomy. They are considered to be one of the cleverest animals found in any aquarium, and throughout scientific testing, certain species have been found to be able to identify different shapes and patterns.


Mourning Cuttlefish

When courting, the male cuttlefish will display both male and female colours simultaneously to cleverly seduce the female while at the same time hoodwinking rival males. The deceptive male positions himself between the female and the rival male. Showing his true male colours towards the female to woo her, he will at the same time mimic female colours to the rival male to disguise the courtship.

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