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The Penguin Dairies

Follow our newest penguin chicks as they grow!

Meet our new penguin chicks

SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium has recently welcomed some adorable new Gentoo Penguin chicks into the sub-Antarctic colony. Hatched from 7 attentive couples, these penguins are growing up fast with lots of exciting milestones ahead. Follow the adventures of our penguin chicks with 'The Penguin Dairies' and find out all the latest news, keeper updates and cutest photos right here!

Penguin Chick New Feathers

New year, new me!


Our penguin chicks are diving straight into the new year with a full set of new feathers! Our penguin chicks are starting to look a lot like their parents as their new waterproof feathers start to come. It'll soon be time for their swimming lessons to begin!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!


It is Christmas here at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium and our little chicks wanted to share the joy! Merry Christmas to all our penguin lovers out there, we can't wait to see you next year!

Penguin Chrissy

Chicks first Christmas


The Christmas season is here and our new penguin chicks enjoyed a winter wonderland celebration with baubles & bubbles! 


Penguin Preschool


Our penguin chicks are growing up fast! To keep our penguin chicks safe as they grow bigger and start to explore their home we have moved them into a special creche that we like to call penguin preschool!  In the wild penguins would keep their chicks together in a similar style to enable the adults penguins to head out for regular swims. This allows them to catch enough food for both themselves and their new baby. 

Sphen And Magic

Family photo!


Famous penguin couple Sphen and Magic cuddle up with their newest baby for the cutest family photo ever! 

pebble cleaning penguin chicks

Pebble cleaning


Cleaning cleaning cleaning all day long! During nesting season our Gentoo penguin couples sit on nests of pebbles. This means the pebbles get pretty dirty! Each day our penguin team have to collect leftover pebbles and scrub them till they are shiny and clean for our penguins to use again!


Largest Chick weighs 2kgs


The penguin chicks are growing up fast! Today the penguin team weighed our biggest penguin chick and it now weighs 2kgs!  

New Penguin Chicks

Penguin Chicks announced!


Today our penguin chicks were announced to our SEA LIFE fans! 

Penguin Chick Cuddles

Keeper cuddles!


During a routine weighing session for the new Gentoo chicks the penguin team snapped an this cuddly shot with the adorable new babies!

penguin chick is weighed

Penguin Chick Gets Weighed


To ensure our penguin chicks are gaining weigh our penguin keepers have to weigh our chicks daily. To keep them balanced on the scales they sit inside a small bucket with a blanket to ensure they are warm and dry - so cute! 

Penguinpassport Banner

Waddle Watch - Live

Our colony of Sub-Antartic Penguins are pretty busy birds! They have to eat, sleep, waddle, eat, swim, poop... and the best part? You get to watch it all! Tune in live and watch our adorable colony 24/7. Keep an eye out for our adorable new penguin chicks keeping warm by cuddling up to their dedicated parents. 

This live stream was made possible by the Panasonic AW-UE4

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