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Turtles & Terrapins

Learn more about these ancient reptiles!

  • SEA LIFE, Ocean Tunnel

Meet the turtles & terrapins

Turtles are ancient reptiles that have been around for over 200 million years! They shared our planet with the earliest Dinosaurs. Today, there are over 300 species of turtle in our oceans and rivers. 

Here at SEA LIFE London Aquarium we have a loveable bunch of turtles and terrapins that you can spot during your visit. Keep your eyes peeled for our most adorable residents, Boris and Dougie the Green Sea Turtles.

Blue Turtle Ticket

Green Sea Turtles

Adult Green Sea Turtles can be found in subtropical and tropical seas of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Ocean… and right here in our Open Oceans zone at SEA LIFE London!

When they are young, Green Sea Turtles feed on Crabs, Sponges and Jellyfish. However adults become completely herbivorous; Eating only sea grass and algae which turns the fat inside their body bright green! That’s how they got their name.

JPS1230 Smaller

Meet Boris & Dougie

Meet Boris:

Boris is very chilled and eats all vegetables offered to him! This cool fella currently weighs around 135kg

Meet Dougie:

Dougie is our pickier turtle friend, he prefers munching on leek and chicory. Dougie also loves a good scratch on his shell and likes to interact with our divers!



When you visit you'll come face to face with our Red Eared and Yellow Bellied Terrapins!

Terrapins are often bought when they are very small and cute, but they aren't ideal pets: They need lots of varied food, a heat lamp for sunbathing, lots of water for swimming and they can live for over 40 years! In fact all of our Terrapins were donated by people who could no longer care for their pets and we've run out of room.

Bowser Copy

Bowser the snapping turtle

Bowser came to us in 2015 weighing roughly 8kg, after being left by his original owner. He was found at the bottom of a pond in Richmond Park when the team were doing some cleaning. He was then brought to his forever home at SEA LIFE London Aquarium.

Dumping these turtles in habitats they don’t belong is detrimental to their welfare and can have adverse effects on the native wildlife.

Fun fact: We feed bowser 3 times a week, he loves fish, quail, crayfish and the odd mouse!


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