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Ocean Invaders

Enter the world of jellyfish!

Welcome explorers!

Ocean Invaders welcomes you to enter the world of Jellyfish at SEA LIFE London. Stepping into the UK's largest jellyfish experience, Ocean Invaders will take you on a journey into the fascinating world of jellyfish through three unique interactive zones. 

Jellyfish are older than all of our ancient reptiles. Scientists believe they first swam in our oceans around 500 million years ago! There are more than 350 different species of jellyfish.

From a few millimetres to several metres, jellyfish can be found in all sizes. They have no brain and are 98% water.

Jellyfish are found in all the world's oceans - but the colder the zone, the less species diversity there is.

Entering the invasion

SEA LIFE shows you jellyfish in a completely new light. The animals move forward by contracting their umbrellas and with the help of currents and tides. In the SEA LIFE tanks we have imitated this so that the jellyfish feel like they are in the ocean!

What to expect

During your experience at Ocean Invaders, you can expect to see Moon Jellyfish, Upside Down Jellyfish, and Japanese Sea Nettles all year around.

Ticket information

  • Entry at your chosen 15-minute time slot
  • Discover species from around the world in 14 themed zones and interact with them at our public feeding, diving displays and touch pools

Ticket information

  • Arrive at any time on the day of your choice
Mooloolaba Jellyfish