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VIP Experiences

Dive in and make the most out of your visit to SEA LIFE London with these unique experiences

Discover London's Aquarium Adventures

Dive into the extraordinary, right in the heart of London at London's Southbank! Encounter green sea turtles, unlock secrets with exclusive behind-the-scenes tours, and marvel at ocean life from a different perspective. Find out detailed information on each of our experiences below.

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Online from £41.50

Behind the Scenes Tour

Provides an exclusive peek into the operations of an aquarium, showcasing how we nurture our marine residents, our breeding programs, and the measures we take to create ideal habitats. It's a family-friendly journey into the heart of SEA LIFE.

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£250 up to 2 people

Penguin Experience

Join our VIP Penguin Experience at SEA LIFE London Aquarium for an intimate encounter with our sub-Antarctic penguin colony. This exclusive experience not only offers a closer look at the playful antics and unique characters of these endearing creatures but also allows you to discover more about the effort it takes to care for these birds! As staunch supporters of conservation, we're committed to the wellbeing of our penguins and their natural habitats, by partaking in this experience you are supporting the SEA LIFE Trust to continue to safeguard ocean life and habitats.

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VIP Turt1
£200 up to 2 people

Turtle Experience

Secure your spot in the VIP Turtle Experience at SEA LIFE London Aquarium and enjoy a lunch date with Boris and Dougie, our enchanting Green Sea Turtles. This unforgettable experience offers a rare opportunity to get up close with these magnificent creatures, learn about their lives, and understand the crucial conservation efforts SEA LIFE around the world undertake to protect their species. Perfect for marine life enthusiasts, this encounter promises a memorable moment connecting with nature’s gentle giants.

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Sealife VIP Experience 29
Available August £170 per person

Snorkel with Sharks Experience

Open for advance bookings starting August 2024.

Go on a 15 minute snorkel in our transparent cage with 360° views of our fin-tastic sharks, from the GIANT Sand Tiger Sharks to the speedy Blacktip Reef Sharks.

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Deluxe Package 7X5 Flipped
Online from £46

Deluxe Package

Dive into a world of wonder with our Deluxe Package, offering anytime access, an immersive VR experience, and a complimentary guidebook or mission pack to enhance your underwater adventure!

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Standard ticket + VR experience
Online from £37

Virtual Reality Experience

Be transported to the depths of the ocean in this exhilarating, state of the art virtual reality experience

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Sealife VIP Experience 4
Online from £29


Immerse yourself in an exclusive after-hours journey through SEA LIFE London Aquarium’s at our all-new SEA LIFE Lates, tailored for our adult guests aged 18 and over. As the day ends, the underwater wonderland comes alive just for you, offering unparalleled access to explore the colours and creatures of the ocean in a serene atmosphere.

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