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Summer at SEA LIFE London!

  • Monday 2nd July 2018

Sea Bed Clown Fish

Six Stars of the Sea! Which of our creatures do you think you’re most like?

Do you think you’re as speedy as a shark? Or have the appetite of a penguin? This summer holiday, we’re inviting you to get closer than ever before to our Six Stars of the Sea to understand their quirky little traits to find out which one you’re most like!

With the help of our expert team who will be on hand with talks and face painting throughout the day, you'll be able to learn all about our Six Biggest Stars - chosen by you - to find out who in your family is which sea creature!

So, who are our Six Stars of the Sea?

1. Our Gentoo Penguins

Our 16 mischievous penguins love the limelight. It’s a well-known fact that penguins live in huge colonies; they’re friendly and protective of their own. Sound like someone you know?

2. Our Native Rays

These guys are our closest comparison so far, seeing that they’re from the Atlantic coasts around the UK – but how similar are you to a ray? Do you have the quick thinking to catch your own dinner? Or maybe you lay eggs too?!

3. Our Seahorses

Seahorses are from the family "Hippocampus", which comes from the Ancient Greek word "hippos" meaning "horse" and "kampos" meaning "sea monster" - but these guys are far from scary! They elegantly sway in the tide with their tails holding on to the plants below. They're actually really bad swimmers, but don't they look pretty? Maybe you know someone who can relate.

4. Our Green Sea Turtles – Boris and Phoenix!

Boris and Phoenix live in our Pacific Tank. They’re currently going through their terrible teens at around about 19 years old, but they’re pretty chilled. They enjoy aimlessly gliding around and eating anything they can get their hands on. Sound familiar?

5. Our Clownfish

“Have you seen my son?!” – It’s myth busting time! Contrary to popular belief, Clownfish are great parents! Did you know that although the female will lay the eggs, the males work effortlessly to look after them, huffing on their eggs and wiping them clean? It’s a dream team of parenting and a really close family of fish.

6. Our Sharks!

The garbage cans of the sea. These guys are predators and will chow down onto anything they can sink their teeth into! Know someone with a similar appetite?

So, which of our Six Stars of the Seas can you see yourself most like? Come along to learn more and chat to our expert aquarists to find out which member of your family is most like which of our stars – you might be surprised with the answer! You can book your tickets here, and we look forward to seeing you!