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Rescuing Green
Sea Turtles

Meet Benson & Carr

SEA LIFE works with turtle rescue centers around the world to provide homes for injured and rescued sea turtles.

Here in Michigan, SEA LIFE is home to two rescued green sea turtles named 'Benson' and 'Carr'. Benson & Carr were the unfortunate victims of boat strikes, leaving them with serious shell and spinal damage and causing permanent buoyancy issues.

They both have temporary weight patches adhered to the back of their shells to help correct their buoyancy, the patches are neither permanent, nor perfect, and will need to be changed as they grow.

Despite their injuries, Benson & Carr are full of personality and love getting into mischief -- that includes scratching their weight patches off for fun and eating as many veggies as they can get!

We're proud to provide a happy forever home for "the boys" (as they're lovingly referred to by our aquarists) and to share their real-life stories with our guests.

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