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Wipe Out Whaling

Stop The Transport, Stop The Trade.

The SEA LIFE Trust is working with Whale & Dolphin Conservation (WDC) to wipe out commercial whaling. WDC has proved that whale meat and other whale products have docked in ports around the world and is working to outlaw this transport and trade.


The investigation has also uncovered a surprising range of items that whale products are being used for including dog food, engine oil, watches and even beer.


The SEA LIFE Trust is raising funds to help:

  • Send Whale & Dolphin Conservation experts to campaign around the world
  • Carry out DNA analysis of suspected products
  • Hire legal experts to maximize the impact of current laws


Sign our petition to prevent whale meat being transported through ports and explore this section to find out more about the problems whaling causes throughout the world.


Find Out How You Can Help

Visit The SEA LIFE Trust website

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