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Rescuing Orphaned Blandings Turtles

  • Tuesday June 22nd 2021
  • conservation, news, media

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SEA LIFE Michigan Aquarium


SEA LIFE Michigan Aquarium Helps Repopulate Southeast Michigan Habitats with Blandings Turtles

AUBURN HILLS, June 22, 2021– Dozens of orphaned blandings turtles were released into a Holly Township wetlands on Monday by SEA LIFE Michigan Aquarium marine biologists and local herpetologists. Blandings turtles are a threatened local species.

The release event was part of an annual cooperative conservation project between SEA LIFE Michigan Aquarium, Herpetological Resource Management LLC, & Consumer’s Energy.

“Blanding’s turtles like to travel to dig nests and bury their eggs” said Lauren Marcon, lead aquarist at SEA LIFE Michigan. “Due to habitat loss, the females will cross busy roads, looking for suitable nesting grounds. This sometimes results in roadside mortalities and, in many cases, the females haven’t had the chance to lay their eggs yet. It’s really sad.”

SEA LIFE Aquarium’s partner organization, Herpetological Resources Management LLC locates, harvests & hatches orphaned blandings turtle eggs, then gives them to SEA LIFE Aquarium to raise.

“We take care of the turtle hatchlings for 6-8 months, or until they’re big enough to dramatically increase their chances at survival in the wild” said Lauren. “Then, once they’ve grown, we work with the folks at Herpetological Resource Management to find a suitable local habitat & release the turtles back into the wild.”

Local populations of blandings turtles have been on the decline in recent years due to extensive habitat loss and pollution. Blandings turtles are now a species of concern throughout Michigan.

“Many turtles don’t reach reproductive age until they are ten to fifteen years old, so it is important that the genetics of each breeding female to move on into the next generation” said Asher Berg, curator at SEA LIFE Michigan Aquarium.

SEA LIFE participates in many conservation projects and initiatives including protecting Michigan’s lake sturgeon, cleaning up local watersheds, and preserving endangered species of coral from the Florida Reef Tract.


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