Annual Membership FAQs

  • How long does it take to receive my Membership Cards?

Our Member Cards are printed at the Mall Level Box Office with your picture (taken that day!) and can only be picked up by you. We can print your cards when you purchase your Membership or at your earliest convenience. We do not mail Membership Cards.

  • How do I update my contact Info or e-mail address?

Two ways! You can either come to our Box Office and one of our Staff can enter your new information OR you can send an email to Sharky:

  • Can I purchase a Membership as a GIFT for someone else?

Yes! You can purchase a Membership Gift Certificate at the Box Office or if you know the correct information, you can purchase the Membership and have it activated the SAME DAY!

  • Can I bring a Guest to Member events?

Some events are Members Only! events. Other events, Members are encouraged to invite a guest! Be sure to check or contact us with any questions at

  • Can I use my Membership without my card?

Yes! Just bring a photo ID with you. We can look up your information in our database!

  • What if I lose my Membership Card?

We can reprint your Membership Card at the Box Office for a replacement fee of $10.

  • Can I change the names on my Membership?

Names can be changed at the time of renewal and only by the Primary Contact.

  • What if I have other questions?

If you contact us via phone, please include as much detail as possible such as your full name, a contact phone number, primary e-mail address, your Membership Number and your specific question. This will help us to speed things along for you and prevent any delays. We will always respond within five business days.
Membership E-mail:


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