Race to the Ocean

Become a junior ranger and help baby sea turtles race to the ocean!

The new Race to the Ocean exhibit brings you onto the beach to help baby sea turtles by becoming a junior ranger. Race to find turtle eggs, clear the beach of trash, turn off beach lights and more in this interactive journey. Explore the threats that baby sea turtles face as they race to the ocean after hatching and learn how you can help them every day.


Sea turtles are beautiful creatures that are found in oceans across the world and are vital to maintaining a healthy balance within the ecosystem.  Sea turtles are in trouble, and without them, the entire food chain can be affected by negatively impacting the health of the oceans.


Learn about the current threats to baby sea turtles in their race to the ocean as well as what humans can do to help!


This special exhibit is only open for a limited time so make sure to stop by and help those sea turtles race to the ocean!

Interesting turtle facts that you’ll learn at the new Race to the Ocean exhibit:

  • For most turtles, the temperature of their eggs determines if a nest produces more males or females.
  • Sea turtles hatch at night and follow the moonlight to reach the ocean, but, artificial light can confuse and lead them away into danger.
  • Garbage and manmade changes to the beach landscape can contribute to turtle population decline.