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Brave the Rainforest - NEW 2019!

Transport yourself out of Minnesota and directly into a 360-degree, two and a half story rainforest - complete with rain, fog, sounds and smells!

Come face to fear with creepy cockroaches, hungry piranha, curious crocs and more at the new Brave the Rainforest NOW OPEN at SEA LIFE at Mall of America! This two-and-half-story adventure will challenge guests to brave interactive exhibits and new animal encounters never-before-seen at the Aquarium.

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Sturgeon Lake

Step beneath the water in our local exhibit, Sturgeon Lake! Come face to fin with Alligator gar, Lake sturgeon, terrapin turtles, Muskellunge (or Muskie!) and other familiar fish found in Minnesota Lakes.

  • The name sturgeon in several European languages means "the stirrer," from the way the fish rummages among the mud for food. The Sturgeon's diet consists of insect larvae, worms, crayfish, snails and other small fishes!
  • Did you know we have a Turtle Beach for our freshwater turtle friends? You can see them warming up under their toasty heat lamp on a Behind-the-Scenes tour!
  • Alligator Gar is the largest of the gars, and one of the largest freshwater fishes in North America!

Wild Amazon

Home to the golden Midas Cichlid, Catfish, Spiny Softshell Turtles and more - check out all the Amazon has to offer!

  • The larger the bump on a Midas Cichlid's head, the more attractive he is to his mate!
  • Cichlids have one nostril on each side of their head, while most fish have two on each side.
  • Tiger Shovelnose Catfish are nocturnal and can grow to be up to 4 feet long!

Shark Cove

Get up close to GIGANTIC Sand tiger sharks, rescued Loggerhead sea turtles, Nurse sharks, Guitarfish and more while you stroll through our amazing underwater ocean tunnel!

  • Sand tiger sharks hold air in their bellies then come up and SPLASH up onto the surface to gulp up more!
  • Amelio and Calypso, our Loggerhead sea turtles, both weigh a whopping 350+ pounds! (And they’re still growing!)
  • Green sawfish like Duke and Dutchess dig their long noses, or “rostrum”, into the sand to sense prey in the area

Rainbow Reef

Step beneath the waves and surround yourself with glittering scales in Rainbow Reef! Come face-to-fin with Seemore, our Green sea turtle, bamboo sharks, Royal blue tangs and other colorful creatures!

  • Seemore, our Green Sea Turtle, had her shell damaged by boat propellers which causes her posterior to bob at the water surface. Learn more about Seemore.
  • Bamboo Sharks can survive up to 12 hours out of water!
  • Unicorn tangs tangs are named for the single, horn-like growth that develops as they mature!

Coral Caves

Pop up inside the coral and meet one of the ocean's best known and loved fish, the clownfish!

  • Can you spot a Regal blue tang in the pop-up tank? (like Dory from "Finding Nemo"!)
  • Staghorn Coral's diet consists of tiny ocean animals
  • Dog faced pufferfish contain a strong toxin that is deadly to humans if eaten

Seahorse Kingdom

Seahorses may sound like mythical creatures but you can see just how real and amazing they are! Watch the seahorses grip at sea grass with their curly tails and suck up tiny shrimp with their straw-like snouts.

  • Seahorses are monogamous, meaning they mate for life
  • Blood shrimp are opportunistic feeders will setup ‘cleaning stations’ where passing fish can pause to have parasites and dead tissue removed!
  • Potbelly seahorses, or big-bellied seahorses, are one of the largest species of seahorse!

Jellyfish Discovery

Jellyfish are older than all of our ancient reptiles. Scientists believe they first swam in our oceans around 500 million years ago! There are more than 350 different species of jellies.

  • Jellyfish have no nerves; no blood, no heart and no brain, and their bodies consist 95% of water!
  • Moon Jellies collect food in the ocean by using their tentacles
  • They can grow to be up to 16 inches in diameter!

Weedy Seadragons

Did you know these amazing creatures can eat live food and poop the same food out so fast it still could be alive? See for yourself just how fast they poop, hide in a giant floor to ceiling kelp forest, and dance along with the Weedy sea dragons in this interactive adventure!

Ray Lagoon

Walk under a shipwreck and dive into a world of stingrays in our 15,000 gallon Ray Pool! Kids of all ages can witness these graceful creatures in action. The ray experience, over two and a half times larger than the previous ray exhibit, houses dozens of stingrays and guitarfish.

  • Cownose rays are known for long migrations where they school together!
  • When not feeding, Southern stingrays bury themselves in the sand with only their eyes and spiracles visible.
  • Shovelnose guitarfish have both the characteristics of stingrays & sharks but lack a barb and teeth!

Pacific Northwest Rockpool

Touch real sea creatures at the Rockpool! Rockpools are amazing micro-habitats full of incredible creatures! Are you brave enough to pet a Sea star, Fish-eating anemone or Spot prawn?

  • Fish eating anemone are found in the cold waters of rocky reefs in sub tidal areas
  • Most starfish have 5 arms but some species can have up to 24!
  • Spot prawn grow bigger and bigger by discarding their outer shell, or exoskeleton


We are excited to share that SEA LIFE at Mall of America is NOW OPEN daily!

Please note that due to local authority guidance, face coverings must be worn at all times to cover the nose and mouth. Children ages 5 and under are exempt. We would also ask that if you are feeling ill or displaying symptoms associated with COVID-19 that you stay home and refrain from visiting the attraction at this time.

To learn more and help us create a safe and enjoyable visit for all, visit our Safety at SEA LIFE page.