Shark Discovery

Learn about the current threats to the shark population, as well as what humans can do to help!


Sharks are beautiful creatures; found in every ocean of the world and vital to maintaining a healthy balance within the ecosystem.  Sharks are in trouble, and without them, the entire food chain can be affected, negatively impacting the health of the oceans.


The new Shark Discovery exhibit includes multiple interactive stations and touch screens informing guests of all ages about the startling decline of sharks over the past 40 years. From poor fishing methods to products that harm sharks, the exhibit focuses on why millions of sharks are killed each year and positive ways we can react.


Discover how decisions you make daily can help protect sharks and keep the oceans healthy!

Check out some interesting shark facts that you’ll learn at the new Shark Discovery exhibit:

  • Cows, toasters and getting out of bed in the morning each kill more people per year than sharks
  • When you’re grocery shopping, look for Pole and Line caught Tuna – that is the safest fishing method to avoid hurting sharks
  • 100 million sharks are killed every year by humans