Sand Tiger Shark

Sand Tiger Shark

Sand Tiger Sharks – or Carcharias taurus - look ferocious! And they are! They are voracious predators, feeding mostly at night and close to the ocean floor. They can grow to be over 9 feet long.

But don’t worry. Their diet consists only of small fish, Crustaceans and Squid. They are found in warm or temperate waters throughout the world’s oceans, with the exception of the Eastern Pacific.

The Sand Tiger Shark has one curious habit. They are the only shark we know of that comes up to the surface of the water and takes gulps of air, which they hold in their stomach. This clever trick enables them to achieve neutral buoyancy and float motionless in the water, waiting for prey.

Meet Gus

Gus the Sand Tiger Shark

Gus is a Sand Tiger Shark that was donated in 2004 in memory of one of SEA LIFE's biggest fans: seven-year-old Gus Martinez. Martinez battled chronic granulomatous disease, a rare genetic autoimmune disease, and his love of learning about animals of all kinds inspired nearly everyone who came in contact with him. Gus' legacy lives on in the form of Gus the Shark, who lives in our Atlantis Exhibit in the Ocean Tunnel.

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