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Dive into the daily life of a Weedy Sea Dragon!

Explore the wild world of Weedy Sea Dragons in an all-new experience where you dive into their life of pooping, hiding, and dancing! Did you know these amazing creatures can eat live food and poop the same food out so fast it still could be alive?! See for yourself just how fast they poop, hide in a giant floor to ceiling kelp forest, and dance along with the Weedy Dea Dragons in this interactive adventure!

Things To Do

  • Snorkel With The Fish

    Have your own underwater snorkeling adventure and get up close with hundreds of tropical fish in our Rainbow Reef exhibit!

  • Feed Our Rays

    While you're visiting Ray Lagoon, enhance your trip with a Ray Feed! Scatter shrimp and fish into the ray pool and feed dozens of Cownose Rays, Atlantic Rays and Southern Rays!

  • Go Deep Behind the Scenes

    Get a behind-the-scenes look of how the aquarium operates with stops at our Laboratory, Food Prep Kitchen, and views above our 300ft Ocean Tunnel.

  • Sleep Under The Sharks

    Spend the night underneath sharks and turtles in our 300ft Ocean Tunnel during this one of a kind adventure - perfect for any group!

  • Fin-tastic Birthday Parties

    Celebrate your child's birthday face-to-face with sea creatures while exploring the oceans' depths!

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